Skills Areas


Maincon has developed the necessary skills, experience and contacts to address issues such as:

  • Liaison with Councils, preparation and submission of development applications.
  • Liaison with statutory authorities (Sydney Water, Utilities, Telstra, State Rail Authority).
  • A broad understanding of the requirements of the Building Code of Australia.(For some projects we find it prudent to employ consultants in this area, to ensure all BCA requirements are met whilst maximising the results for our clients).
  • Preparation of Construction Certificate Applications in a comprehensive manner, which minimises delays in the issue of certificates.
  • The engagement of appropriate consultants who can design and document efficient, economic designs to meet budget and time restraints.

Partly as a result of our past successes, we have established close working relationships with a number of consultants. We are able to call on design skills in the disciplines of architecture, structural engineering, civil engineering, geotechnical, surveying, hydraulics, electrical, mechanical and landscape architecture.


Procurement of Materials and Sub-contractors

Maincon Pty Ltd has a fine reputation for quality, orderly site management and strong professional contracts administration. These characteristics have enabled us to generate a bank of suppliers and sub-contractors willing to submit tenders and to undertake work on our projects.

Projects Completion and Handover

Our experience enables the orderly completion of projects including obtaining all necessary certification and documentation. This experience has on a number of occasions extended beyond the normal builder's role to include the preparation and registration of Plans of Subdivision and Strata Plans.

Project Team Management

Maincon’s achievements have been made possible through the professional, dedicated efforts of staff, many of whom have been with the firm since its inception. Because the firm has remained small enough to allow easy control, our Managing Director can maintain a direct interest in all projects.


The technical skills of our project management team are amply supported by efficient administrative staff and management systems, which ensured timely action is taken with regard to payments to suppliers and sub-contractors as well as the receipt of income from clients.

This, when coupled with strong financial management and our relationship and reputation with financial institution, results in a well-managed entity.


Maincon has a comprehensive Work Health & Safety (WHS) Management System in place certified by Global-Mark, which is backed up with a dedicated commitment from the Managing Director. This commitment is further reinforced by the appointment of a Site Manager charged with the responsibility of ensuring the system is adhered to on all Maincon projects.